Unveiling the Premier Handheld GPS Devices For Hiking in 2021

In the Realm of Outdoor Exploration: The Quest for the Best Handheld GPS for Hiking

Choosing the best handheld GPS for hiking doesn’t have to feel like scaling Everest. As committed enthusiasts for outdoor exploration, we understand the need for reliable navigation tools. Thus, we are thrilled to guide you through the labyrinth of GPS technology and present the optimum devices that will transform your hiking experiences.

Guiding the Way Par Excellence: Why Handheld GPS Devices Remain Essential

Investing in the best handheld GPS for hiking rather than relying on mobile apps or intuition is a wise choice. These devices offer superior durability, extraordinary battery life, and enhanced readability in sunlight. They are designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy in even the remotest locations, turning every hike into a stress-free adventure.

Critical Cornerstones: Features to Consider while Selecting the Best Handheld GPS for Hiking

Before diving into our top picks, let’s explore the crucial features you should bear in mind while picking your ideal handheld GPS for hiking.

  1. Navigational Excellence: You’re purchasing a GPS, so its navigational capacities are the crux of its performance. Take into account metrics like the number of waypoints, routes and tracks it can store, the presence of a digital compass, and the availability of topographic maps.

  2. Connectivity: does your device support both GPS and GLONASS satellites? The additional connectivity can yield faster, more accurate location data.

  3. User-friendly interface: A GPS device with a clear, easy-to-navigate interface will make your hikes more pleasurable.

  4. Durability and Weather Resistant: Given our capricious weather patterns, the best handheld GPS for hiking must be rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions and precipitation.

Mapping the Best: An Exploration of Top-rated Handheld GPS Devices for Hiking

Having understood the cornerstones of an excellent GPS device let’s delve into our comprehensive review of the best handheld GPS for hiking, highlighting their features, strengths, and who they’re best suited for.

  1. Garmin GPSMAP 64sx: A jewel within the Garmin GPS crown, the GPSMAP 64sx offers a spot-on adventure companion with its high performing GPS and GLONASS functionality. It presents a durable body and a sunlight-readable 2.6" color display, making it a superb choice for hiking in sparsely covered trails and wild terrains.

  2. Garmin eTrex 30x: Compact but potent, Garmin eTrex 30x provides excellent readability even in searing sunlight thanks to its 2.2" 65K color display. Supporting both GPS and GLONASS, this device is an outstanding choice for those who prefer lightweight gadgets.

  3. Garmin Oregon 700: For hiking enthusiasts who value high-resolution touchscreens, the Oregon 700 is a must-have. Beyond the aesthetics, it offers enhanced accuracy with its GPS and GLONASS reception. The Oregon 700 is an unbeatable choice for those who want to balance trail-blazing performance with technological finesse.

  4. Magellan eXplorist 510: For hikers who immortalize their journey through pictures, the Magellan eXplorist 510 offers a built-in camera, allowing you to take snaps without losing your waypoints. It couples this unique feature with a sturdy, waterproof body, making it ideal for adventurous hikers.

  5. Delorme InReach Explorer: With a focus on safety, the Delorme InReach Explorer has SOS capability and two-way satellite messaging, acting as both a GPS device and a lifeline. If your hikes take you to distant, communication-starved regions, the InReach Explorer offers not just navigation, but peace of mind.

Final Thoughts: Proclaiming the Pathway to the Best Handheld GPS for Hiking

Imbibing the knowledge above, you’re all set to pick the best handheld GPS for hiking tailored to your preferences and needs. Remember, the joy of outdoor exploration relishes not only in the destination but also in the journey, and a reliable GPS device is your surefire way of keeping both enthralling. Trek on!

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